Dear Rick,

It is hard to believe time has gone by so fast since August 2013, when I purchased the MAC PL-50 lift to install in my father in laws home!

My father in law had suffered a stroke and had become wheelchair bound. I had determined that we had to have some sort of lift for the interior door in his garage that went into the house. The existing stairway was a single flight of steps up to the door that was 41" off the floor. To complicate things, the stairwell encroached into the garage ceiling that resulted in a cut out to accommodate the landing area to walk in the door.

I discovered MAC's through a lot of searching . I began looking at dimensions, etc and finally called Rick. Rick sent me very thorough schematics, diagrams and very good descriptions of basically how the lift installed and worked. I then drew to scale the opening and location of where I wanted to put the lift. The dimensions indicated that the lift would fit perfectly. The lift would raise with the wheelchair backed in and as the lift lined up with the door, the front of the wheelchair would be just a few inches below the overhang of the garage ceiling. Adjusting the lift to stop at the exact point level with the door opening was simple.

The entire process of working with Rick was seamless, professional and rewarding working with someone who cared about his customer.

The delivery of the lift was on time as promised , dropped off inside the garage.

The installation was simple and straightforward. My brother in law and I installed in less than 4 hours, including the wiring for the door stop mechanism and all.

The quality of the workmanship on the lift is very easy to see, that a lot of pride went into the building of it. This is a nice, solid piece of mechanical ingenuity.

The lift was a life changer for my in laws... It would not have been possible for him to have come home without it... Unfortunately, he passed away July 2014... But we have been fortunate to have the lift still in the home. My mother in law had to have knee replacement in early 2015.. Talk about having the right set up for that recovery !!

This lift will be in this house forever !!

I recommend MAC's Lifts and Rick in particular, any higher!!

If someone is in need of a lift, I would be confident that MAC's should be the first and last place they look.

John McKinnon Savannah, Georgia,