ADA Wheelchair Ramp Code, ADA Guidelines & ADA Compliance

ADA Wheelchair Ramp Code, ADA Guidelines & ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA Guidelines)


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ADA Ramp Slope, ADA Requirements & ADA Guidelines


Metal ramps become icy and slipper in bad weather

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides Wheelchair Ramp Specification, code and handicap access guidelines that most business are required to meet. Most residential applications (please see our residential or light duty commercial Pathway ADA wheelchair ramps) do not need to meet ADA code and ADA guidelines, but they are a good reference point for recommended ADA ramp slope and lengths. Most businesses, churches, schools and other organizations must be in compliance with ADA Specifications and ADA guidelines for handicapped wheelchair ramp slope access. Contact your local building inspector for additional ADA code compliance information.

  • ADA Standards Require a 1:12 ramp slope ratio which equals 4.8 degrees slope or one foot of wheelchair ramp for each inch of rise. For instance, a 30 inch rise requires a 30 foot handicap wheelchair ramp.
  • ADA Guidelines Require a Minimum 5' x 5' Flat, unobstructed area at the top and bottom of the ramp.
  • ADA Standards Require wheelchair ramps to have a Minimum width of 36 inches of clear space across the wheelchair ramp.  Massachusetts and California ADA code now require 48 inches ramp width to be ADA Compliant.
  • ADA Code Compliance Require a Minimum Turn Platform size of 5' x 5'. California ADA ramp code now requires a minimum 6 foot (in the direction of travel) platform size.
  • ADA Guidelines for Wheelchair Ramps allow a Maximum run of 30 feet of wheelchair ramp before a rest or turn platform.
  • ADA Ramp Guidelines Require ADA Ramp handrails that are between 34" and 38" in height on both sides of the wheelchair ramps.modular-wheelchair-ramps

    Ramps often require inspection and permits to ensure they are built according to code and patient needs