Mr. Pearce,

I wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to thank you for a great product in the Mac's PL-50 Vertical Home Lift and coupled with customer support to match.  My lift was purchased in June of 2004 and we live in Cleveland, Ohio on the coast of Lake Erie.  It gets very cold (today it's -21 with the wind chill) and icy with deep snow which sometimes makes it tough to even get out of our home.  I have to say my lift has always got me in and out of my house.  I'm a retired mechanical design engineer and I researched a lift that was well made and had a good track recorded for durability.  I use a full size power wheelchair, which weighs about 325 lbs. plus my weight of 180 lbs. and the PL-50 was the lift of choice.  My wife even likes loading up the groceries on the lift instead of carrying them around the side of the home and up a flight of stairs.  I've attached a few pictures showing the location of the installation on the side of my home.  I hope to get many more years of service from your lift and thanks again for a great product.


Kevin Graham Cleveland, OH,

These are a few pictures of my grandmothers Macs liftgate. It was originally used for my grandfather after several strokes as my grandmother provided in home care for him. Now after 12 years later since my grandfathers passing my grandmother continues to use Macs lift gate at 87 years young to get her firewood in. Thanks Macs lift gate for the great years of service and continuing service we recently received.

Gabe Landstrom,

Hi Rick, here are a few pictures of our lift ! It is a 1998 PL-45. My dad moved in with my family 2 years ago. He doesn't do stairs very well so we started looking for a solution. We found this little beauty on craigs list. What a perfect find ! He uses it every day, and it has worked flawlessly. The paperwork that we got has your name and # in it, so what a surprise when i got to talk to you 17 years later ! Thanks for putting out such a great product, and then being so helpful when we talked on the phone !! We will definitely call you if we need a specialty product like this in the future !! Thanks again !!

Allen Bender,

We can’t say enough good things about Mac’s Lifts. They are well-designed, easy to install, and our clients love them. We have installed over 10 lifts at the homes of disabled veterans and low-income homeowners in Lake County, and these devices have made their lives better in many ways. Because they need minimum maintenance, we can count on the lifts to work great for a long time. Thanks for making such a great, reliable product that improves our clients’ lives every day!

Steve Wylie, Program Manager Habitat for Humanity Lake County,