Dear Rick,

On July 29, 2001 I was involved in a serious go kart racing accident. I needed a lift so I could get from my garage into my house. At that time I purchased the Mac’s PL-50 vertical home lift. I have not had any problem with it until April 2015. For some reason the motor was running but the lift would not go up or down. I was in conversation with Rick Pearce. He was very kind to me in that he tried very hard to find a repairman in our area. During a 24 hour period he was in contact with us approximately (4) times. Customer service is so important to me even though the lift was approximately (14) years old.

I would highly recommend this lift and company to anybody seeking a vertical home lift.

Dr. David Wolf Trenton, Michigan,

Mac's Lift Gate Inc.,

I have enclosed some pictures of the PL-50 Vertical Home Lift that your company built for me, so that I can place it at my mom's house.  My mom is 102 years old, and next month this time will be 103.  She has been having a hard time getting up the stairs, either at the front porch or the back porch.  The height of the back porch, from the ground level to the top of the floor on the deck is 49 inches.  I ordered the lift with enclosed sides and bottom gate and upper platform gate, which was some more money, but well worth it. The upper platform gate was well constructed, and I didn't have to make my own gate.  That was the best thing I did was ordered the upper gate.  I just cut through the wooden handrail, and fitted the upper gate in that spot with the fasteners provided.  Once that was installed, I got the lift position, and drill out the holes in the concrete, to fasten the wheel chair lift to the concrete.  The fasteners were also provided, and were very strong, I was able to drill through the mounting holes, drive in the anchor bolts and then tighten them down. I had a friend who had a Hilti hammer drill to drill through the concrete, with this Hilti drill, did not take long to drill the holes in the concrete.  The lift operates on 115 volts household current, and the cord was long enough to plug into the outside receptacle.   The lift works great for getting my mom up and down from the deck to go to the doctors or to walk around the yard, or the use of the wheel chair when she has a hard time walking.  I'm very, very pleased with this Mac's PL-50.  The upper gate won't open up until the wheel chair lift platform is in the upper level, which is great, so when the platform is in the lower level, someone can't open up the gate an fall to the ground.  Since the porch is opened underneath, I fasten a 3/4" piece of plywood to the open end so that someone's legs won't hang out or wheel chair roll out.   The platform door is locked by the ramp that goes up, when the lift is raised, so no one falls out, also, if the door is opened, the call send switch won't work which is a safety feature.  The lift is built very well.

I should have ordered the upper and lower call send switches, which if the lift is at the upper level or at the lower level, and you are at the opposite levels, no matter what level you are at, you can operate the lift.  I emailed Mac's Lift Gate and Rick Pearce responded back to me. I was surprised someone got back to me so quick, since we live in New Jersey and Mac's Lift is in California.  He answered what I asked, there was a telephone number to call, and I called Rick and he was very nice and informative and explained some things to me.  He said he would get what I wanted and we filled out the paperwork over the phone.  It was a very nice experience.  I would recommend Mac's Lift to anyone, it’s a very nice lift, which I installed myself for my mom.  The Lift worked out very well for me.

Dennis J. Mahoney,

This lift was purchased by my fiance’s mother for her mother after she fell and broke her hip trying to navigate the wooden stairs that were there at the time.  This house was built in 1910 and it is pretty high off the ground when compared to houses of today.  The lift was installed in 1997, and is the only way out of the back door of the house, and  therefore is used by everyone going in and out of the house into the back yard.  I have been going with my fiance for over 10 years, and believe me this lift is used at least 5 to 10 times a day 7 days a week.  Never had a problem other than the roller replacement I just accomplished today.  You have an excellent product both in its design and durability.

Don Fenton Campbell, CA,

I bought this lift from a guy in Buffalo, New York who had it for 4 years with no problems, help up great in New York snow and rain. I bought this from him 8 months ago no problems and I use it all the time. Paint was powder coated and has held up very well! I live in Rochester, NY.



Len Waterman Rochester, NY,