7 Reasons to buy Mac’s Lift Gate

7 Reasons to buy Mac's Lift Gate


When buying a lift for your residence it is important to know what your getting for your investment. At Mac's Lift Gate Inc. it is important to us that we sell a complete and ready to operate lift. When compared to other manufactures Mac's Lift Gate Inc. stands out for the following reasons.

  1. 35 Years plus of Vertical Home Lift Manufacturing - Longest in USA
  2. 5 Year Limited Warranty - Best in the industry
  3. 30 year life expectancy with every Mac's Lift Gate
  4. Includes Manual Emergency Hand Crank - this is an option for purchase from some competitors
  5. Outdoor ready - No need for a Cold Weather Package when lifts are installed in areas that get 30 degrees and colder - this is an option for purchase from some competitor and highly recommended by them
  6. Live customer service available 24/7 and 365 days a year, 366 in a Leap year
  7. Peace of mind knowing you have your loved one on the safest and most reliable lift available for your residence.

Make Life Accessible Again!